Biomass boilers Ekopal RM series

They are batch boilers with power from 40 to 700kW, designed for burning straw. These boilers can also be fired with wood, chips, energy willow, textile wastes, sawdust and other biomass.

The maximum boiler capacity for the Ekopal straw is 700kW, but it is possible to combine units in series, eg 3 EKOPAL RM 03-2 boilers with 1.5 MW boiler. Boilers burn fuel quickly and efficiently. The combustion speed is controlled by the processor (it always maintains optimum conditions in the combustion chamber). Any excess heat that can not be collected is stored in the storage tank.

Boiler for straw Ekopal RM is equipped with a diesel fan with automatic damper and a microprocessor control system, which runs the straw combustion process according to set parameters. The blower feeds the primary and secondary combustion air. The fuel chamber is lined with a chamfer at the bottom. This part involves burning fuel with controlled oxygen deficiency. Gases flow to the second, lined chamois, mixing with secondary air. In this chamber is burning gas. From the afterburning chamber the gases flow to the exchanger. This is the so-called. Combustion Combustion System
“, Which ensures proper gasification of the straw and combustion of the resulting gas and consequently a low carbon monoxide (CO) content in the exhaust gas.

EkopalRM straw boilers work only in open systems. They are mounted to the installation via an accumulation tank. Properly sized storage tank is very important for boiler operation.

When designing a boiler room, consider the excess power compared to conventional fuel boilers, so when selecting a boiler you should suggest the maximum heating surface rather than the power. Well-chosen biomass boiler EKOPAL RM needs 2-3 straw loads per day (cyclical).
The boiler feed rate is reached when the boiler is in operation and the optimal fuel is 15% humidity during sunbathing.

In the case of agricultural holdings it is always worth analyzing the potential uses of heat for production. In many cases, instead of limited to heating the house, it is profitable to warm up, using your own straw, livestock buildings, greenhouses, mushrooms, etc., and by the way home.

EKOPAL RM straw boilers have very good economic effects. The straw burns completely in them, and the heat is stored in the storage tank for later use. Consequently, straw consumption is low. About 8 tonnes of straw for the heating season is needed to warm a typical 200 m2 single family home. This amount of straw is usually collected from 3ha of field.

Straw bales of 80x40x40 cm, 180x70x120 cm, 250x120x80 cm or round, Ø 125-170 cm, are loaded depending on the type of boiler. Moreover, in all types of straw boilers EKOPAL RM can be burned waste and wood chips, textile wastes, sawdust and other types of biomass.

Very good performance parameters of our straw boilers Ekopal appreciated not only from Poland but also from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Scotland, France, England, Croatia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Since 1993, we have exported over 800 boilers to Ekopal straw.