EKOPAL S straw heaters

On the basis of EKOPAL RM straw boilers we have developed a series of air heaters that can heat up to 120 ° C. The straw combustion system in these heaters is identical to the EKOPAL RM boilers, ie the counterflow system is used here. The range of heaters includes 6 sizes ranging from 100 kW to 1000 kW, adapted to all types of straw bales ranging from the smallest 80x40x40 cm cubes through 120-180 cm round bales to 250x120x80 cm high cuboid. The EKOPAL S air heater can be characterized by the recently popular “2 in 1” as it has a boiler and a tube heat exchanger.

In the heater the water was replaced with high temperature fluid. Heat is transferred to this liquid, and then through the tube heat exchanger, built into the heater, is transferred to the air.
Heater for straw Ekopal S

It is possible to adjust the size and shape of the combustion chamber to the specific dimensions of the bale owned by the user.