Ekopal RM biomass boilers – Application

Poland has already installed more than 700 Metalerg biomass boilers with a total capacity of about 84 MW.

Our EKOPAL RM biomass boilers include:

  • – detached house
  • – blocks of flats (eg. at former PGR)
  • – greenhouses
  • – piggeries
  • – chicken coops
  • – driers
  • – schools
  • – Municipal offices, etc.

Individual households use straw boilers RM 2 to RM 30, suitable for burning small rectangular bale sized about 40x45x80 cm.

Boilers for straw RM 38 to RM 03-2 are suitable for mechanical loading of round bales with a diameter of 125 – 170 cm. In the boilers RM 03-2 and RM 03-3 can also be burned rectangular large bales of high crumb.

There are also built-in 1-1.5 MW boiler houses, where 2 or 3 of our biomass boilers are installed.


Boiler room in Primary School No. 2 and Music in Milicz – 3 boilers for straw power of 400 kW, total power is 1.2MW

Boiler house in Primary School in Jemielno – 2 straw boilers with power of 400 and 500 kW, total power is 0.9MW

Boiler house in a housing estate in Łabiszynku – 3 straw boilers with a capacity of 500 kW, total power is 1.5MW.