Ekopal RM biomass boilers – installation guidelines

Ekopal RM straw boilers are batch boilers designed to produce water up to 95 ° C and can only be operated in open systems.

The basic feature of the straw feeder is that the combustion process runs at the same speed according to the flue gas temperature (eg 230 ° C) set in the control system. In a relatively short period of time, the amount of heat that is normally unable to take over the heating system is generated. Therefore, in the boiler room boiler technology, an accumulation tank is needed to collect the heat generated by the combustion process. This tank provides complete heat reception from the combustion of subsequent straw loads. Hot water is drawn from this tank to the heat distribution network according to the required demand. The basic diagram of the heating system with the Ekopal RM straw boiler and the storage tank is shown below:

Boiler for biomass EKOPAL installation diagram


It is important to have the best thermal insulation of the accumulation tank, which limits heat losses.

The capacity of the tank depends on the size of the boiler. For the straw boilers Ekopal RM we recommend the following minimum storage tanks capacity (larger capacities improve the efficiency of the boiler room):

Boiler Type Minimum storage tank capacity
RM 2 2.000 liters
RM 5 3.000 liters
RM 20 4.000 liters
RM 30 6.000 liters
RM 38 8.000 liters
RM 40 10.000 liters
RM 01 15.000 liters
RM 02 20.000 liters
RM 03-2 22.000 liters
RM 03-3 25.000 liters


The typical connection of the boiler to the Ekopal RM straw for the chimney installation is shown in the figure below:

Boiler for biomass EKOPAL chimney