ECOnomic and ECOlogical effects

Boilers for straw and biomass fired heaters are not only cost effective but also effective against SMOG!
We guarantee a CLEAN PROFIT!
  • – Saving over 90% *
  • – 2-5 years return on investment in boiler room up to 20 years! **
  • – Independence of fluctuations in fuel prices

Using expensive fuel every day, your money “goes with the smoke”.
Call and start earning today!


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CO2 reduction

By heating biomass, you reduce emissions and atmospheric emissions by obtaining a so-called “zero balance”. You can further help the environment by using the exhaust aftertreatment system. Check how it works and fight SMOG!

Select the reliability of MetalERG

As a leader in modern heating and drying straw, we set the direction for competition and the entire heating industry ecological. We rely on the quality and reliability of our solutions – this is demonstrated by customers whose boilers have been operating for 20 years continuously! Choose a solution for you.


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Straw heaters and boilers (biomass) are the most important part of our production. Since 1993, we have built several thousands of biomass boilers and have developed a number of solutions to obtain heat from corn straw, maize, rapeseed, energy willow, wood, wood chips and sawdust. The result of our experience is several series of boilers that meet different operating and power requirements.


Ekopal RM is a batch straw boiler that is also suitable for burning wood chips, textile wastes and biomass. These are low temperature boilers designed for use in open systems with an accumulation tank. Ekopal RM boilers have a biomass combustion chamber, afterburning chamber and tube heat exchanger.


Ekopal RM straw boilers are also available in container construction. No need to build an additional boiler room is an undoubted advantage of this type of solution. The unit is free-standing, does not require permanent bonding to the ground, does not require a building permit!


EKOPAL S air heaters are based on reliable straws EKOPAL RM. It can reach the temperature of heated air up to 120 oC and power up to 1000 kW. Heaters are adapted to burn straw bales of any size. After the drying season, the heater can be used to heat water!


The automatic feeder boiler for the MetalERG straw is equipped with a loading chamber, which is also a filter and a dryer. Improving the process of obtaining heat from straw not only increases user comfort, but also produces tangible financial results.


How does the boiler work on straw?

In Poland produces about 30 million. Straw tons per year, most of which is used mostly as feed and bedding. The remaining amount, about 10-12 million. The ton, can be used to generate heat successfully replacing over 6 million tons of coal!


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How to choose a biomass boiler?

MetalERG boilers have a power output of 25 to 600 kW. Our technology allows us to combine many boilers to form a small own heating plant, so in practice there is no limit to the size of the heating surface.


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How to order a boiler?

We help turnkey boiler plants – from design to installation. We will select a suitable boiler and calculate the planned return on investment. Please contact our sales department.


Krzysztof Damczyk
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Basic and simplest dust extraction system used by MetalERG. This is the so-called. The sedimentation chamber, designed to remove the largest fraction of dust in the exhaust gas.


Extended – much more advanced version of the settling chamber. The system works just like the settling chamber: by the use of centrifugal force.


Electrostatic precipitator: an electrostatic precipitator – it is a kind of dust collector in which the removal of dust from the exhaust is achieved by the use of electrostatic force acting on particles of this dust.


Our projects and photo galleries presenting our products.


Chińczycy kupują technologię od MetalERG
Chińczycy kupują technologię od MetalERG
Technologia produkcji kotłów na biomasę MetalERG została wysoko oceniona przez ...
Jesteśmy na targach OpenFarm stoisko C10
Jesteśmy na targach OpenFarm stoisko C10
W dniach 20-21 maja 2017 będziemy dla Was na targach OpenFarm na lotnisku ...
EKOPAL czyli ciepło ze słomy
EKOPAL czyli ciepło ze słomy
Kotły EKOPAL RM oraz nagrzewnice EKOPAL S  przystosowane są do spalania biomasy. ...

Biomass boilers – win over time, heat without a break

We offer you the highest quality organic straw boilers . Our products are characterized by stable and continuous biomass processing , in thermal energy, so that straw boilers form a competitive offer for standard boilers. Each of our boiler models is characterized by high efficiency and exceptionally low carbon monoxide emissions. Taking care of the environment, we have created organic straw boilers , whose construction and wide application in the household focuses on providing the right heat to the heating system as well as storing excessive heat in special heat storage tanks produced by Boilers, gradually and with constant frequency.

How to choose a boiler for straw

Depending on the model, our straw-powered ecological boilers are designed for outdoor and indoor use. In addition to the straw, we produce biomass , such as: wood, sawdust, chips, hay, cardboard , and other materials for safe burning in boilers For biomass. Thanks to this solution, our products provide you with measurable environmental benefits, with minimal emissions and dust in the exhaust. Our ecological straw boilers provide zero carbon monoxide emissions by its total reduction.

Biomass boilers – investment for years

We manufacture our equipment for long life and quick return on investment, which is estimated to be 5 years after the first firing. We also ensure the durability and reliability of our high temperature resistant equipment. The oldest straw boilers produced by our company are working consistently today for over 16 years . Our boilers achieve such impressive results, because in MetalERG we pay particular attention to the highest quality materials and the performance of our products.

Biomass boilers rich offer

We warmly invite you to familiarize yourself with the straw boiler (biomass) offer of our company. We guarantee the stability, durability and top quality of MetalERG


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