As a leader in modern straw heating and drying, we set the direction for the competition and the whole ecological heating industry. We rely on the quality and reliability of our solutions – this is demonstrated by customers whose boilers have been operating for 20 years continuously!DOŚWIADCZENIE

Our experience in the production of straw boilers dates back to the early 1990s, when, in cooperation with the Danish Institute of Technology, we began work on this technology.

Today we have our own design office and we have a rich machine park.

We can boast of many patents and prizes for innovation.


We are the leader of modern straw tanning, which sets the direction for competition and the whole ecological heating industry. We cooperate with technical universities, so we constantly improve the quality of our products, following the possibilities and needs of the market.

Outside the European market, our technology has also gained recognition in China, where we base our know-how Bente to launch its own straw boiler plant in the Asian market.



Buying boiler for straw is an investment for years, so at the stage of production we put on the longevity of solutions. This is evidenced by customers who have worked continuously for 20 years. We also follow the principle that the boiler operation should be as simple as possible – drivers based on modern components take over the entire process of combustion management.

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