In Poland about 30 million are produced. Straw tons per year, most of which is used mostly as feed and bedding. The remaining amount, about 10-12 million. Ton, can be used to produce heat successfully replacing over 6 million tons of coal!

The burning process in the boiler for straw

The burning process begins with the loading of the straw into the boiler. The boiling boiler starts heating the water tank. When the water is heated, the combustion process ends and the hot water circulates between the tank and the installation. Once the water has cooled down in the tank, the boiler re-ignites and the process starts again.

In addition to the straw produced by our boilers, we can burn any other biomass (wood, sawdust, chips, hay, cardboard, etc.). The straw combustion in EKOPAL boilers gives measurable environmental benefits: emission of pollutants and dusts in the exhaust gas is reduced. . “Zero balance” – total CO2 reduction.


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